6 Medical Reasons for Hot Flashes in Menopausal Men

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Men and women alike experience hot flashes most especially the older ones. As old people suffer from medical problems that need medications, they will experience hot flashes as a result of their physical illness and the medication as well. Additionally, older people have the chance to have hot flashes as well as night sweats due to hormonal changes that occur as a part of the aging process. Let us know more about the medical reasons for hot flashes in menopausal men.Medical Reasons for Hot Flashes in Men

Reason #1: Usual Causes of Hot Flashes

Several causes of hot flashes that affect both men and women are hyperthyroidism (underactive thyroid) which is very dominant among women during the menopausal stage, medullary carcinoma of the thyroid (pheochromocytoma), neurological flushing, emotional flushing, pancreatic islet-cell tumor, renal cell carcinoma and spinal cord injury. All of these illnesses involve the secretion of chemicals into the bloodstream that stimulate the blood vessels and nerves. Additionally, if a man or a woman has low blood sugar or low blood pressure, this can lead to hot flashes too. When women are treated for breast cancer they also become menopausal because of the chemotherapy. The Tamoxifen drug taken by breast cancer patients can also lead to hot flashes.

Reason #2: Stress to Cause Hot Flashes

When a person is upset, epinephrine and norepinephrine are being released into the bloodstream and this will increase body temperature. This causes the body to sweat as it tries to get rid of excess heat.

Reason #3: Removal of Prostate

If the prostate of a man has been removed, the natural production of testosterone diminished thus a man will experience hot flashes. In a report in Psychophysiology 2007, if a man undergoes chemical castration due to prostate cancer, this causes hot flashes the same like menopausal women experience.

Reason #4: Menopause and Andropause

Women go through menopause while men experience andropause. Both men and women have far hormonal level as they age compared to when they are much younger. Although according to Physorg.com, andropause has not been talked much compared to menopause but as they said, decline in hormone levels affect them almost in the same manner. The reduction of hormone levels in both sexes can lead to memory problems, increased irritability, reduced energy and depression.

There’s a big change in a man’s life due to decline of testosterone levels. It makes him gain weight and lose muscle mass and bone mass too. There’s enlargement of the breasts which also become tender. A man with beard may also notice that the hair is not growing that fast as it used to do and lastly, this man can also experience hot flashes similar to a woman who has decreased hormone levels.

Reason #5: Alcohol and Smoking

Both smoking and drinking can worsen hot flashes so stop doing any of them. Also try to keep your stress at minimum level. Do not eat hot and spicy foods and keep your sleeping place always cool at night.

According to the physicians at the Duke University, regular yoga can help eliminate hot flashes. This is a form of exercise which senior might try to consider. Of course, there are yet other treatments for andropause that may help.

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