5 Tips on How to Stop Mood Swings in Men with Andropause

Men like women experience mood swings although it is not as obvious as in women. In younger generation, they consider mood swing as a cause of temporary and unpleasant experiences. However, for the middle-aged men, hormones are considered to have a great influence on their mood. As compared to women, they experience mood swings as a result to menopause, men may experienced the same too due to andropause or the decline of testosterone level as they age. Other signs of male menopause are aggressive outbursts, short temper, and sadness. Here are some ways on how to stop mood swings in men with andropause.Stop Mood Swings in Men with Andropause

Tip #1: Know about Andropause

Similar to women, men as they age experience an increase in cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that assists with stress management. While producing more cortisol, men at the same time produce less testosterone. Since most men are not aware of the circumstances in andropause, they do not understand about mood swing. This is why this makes them hard to approach.

Tip #2: Educate Him

Men should know or must be aware that the loss of testosterone can lead to decreased energy level, reduced sexual desire, muscle pain, and depression. All of these symptoms can trigger mood swings. If ever a man brings out the topic, be sure you could answer all his queries and if he becomes defensive, you can tell him that you have just come across with some information and had found it very interesting.

Tip #3: Be Supportive

Be there to support him and let him know about it. If you too are going through menopause well and good as there can be mutual support and understanding on both parties. You can both share your own experiences including those of your friends whether a man or a woman who had an experience regarding mood swings that are associated hormonally.

Tip #4: Try any Helpful Diet

Testosterone treatment is not the only option for mood swings in men with andropause. A change in a woman’s diet which is helpful as she ages can also be helpful for men with andropause. This includes eating more soy, fruits and vegetables, most especially tomato products which are known to help lower blood pressure. Let him know that fatty foods are not helpful so they must be eliminated in his diet and must drink sufficient amount of water.

Tip #5: Undergo Stress Management

Maybe the two of you want to learn about stress management so why not invite him to attend a class? Stress management is vital for those who are experiencing andropause and to those people dealing with this person.

Couples counseling is applicable in any relationship regardless of age. This is yet one thing that you can do to stop mood swings with andropause. They focus most on coping skills, mutual goal setting and respectful communications. Try to approach your man in a respectful manner if you want to suggest counseling. Explain to him on how you are eager to learn on how to deal with aging instead of telling him that he alone has problem and that he needs help.

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