Best Andropause Supplements of the Year

If many of us would tease our female partners about menopause, we should not forget that such a stage may come in a man’s life as well. When you feel like you have lost your sexual energy, your physical stamina and your emotional strength, then that is the time you may say you are undergoing andropause. This stage in a male’s life happens for several reasons.

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First though, let us take a look at the definition of andropause. According to, this is a situation which is usually associated with a corresponding decrease in testosterone, a male hormone. Testosterone is that same hormone that takes charge in the development of body and facial hair, muscle mass and deep voice. The levels of testosterone in the body decrease as one reaches the age 30. The decrease of this testosterone levels is gradual though.

Not all men are prone to andropause. Only around 30% of those who have reached their 50s may come across the condition and when this happens you should be alarmed for more risks that will come in relation to serious health conditions.

If you want to know whether or not you have this problem, you can take a closer look at symptoms. Included in the list are lowered sex drive, difficulties in achieving erections during sexual encounters and depression. You may also encounter menopause-like symptoms such as hot flashes, increase in body fat, lack of energy and last but not the least, irritability and mood swings.

The good thing is it is easier to solve this condition these days. Thanks to the available andropause treatments that are commercially available. All you have to do is make a choice. Since I know that making a choice among all the available products out there is difficult, I would want to share with you my own list of the best solution you may buy in the market. I have ranked these products as follows:

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# 1 Provacyl ratingRating: 5/5


This product is made for you to understand that while andropause takes place, you need not accept the symptoms that come with it. What you need to undergo is a process wherein you may deal with andropause using this all natural supplement. Taking Provacyl on a daily basis will make you enjoy how it is to enrich your life as you age.

Many people have guaranteed the effects of Provacyl. Apart from the fact that I have tested the product myself and have proven it effective, over 98% of those who have tried this amazing andropause solution vouch for its efficacy. I have received tons of great customer feedbacks in my inbox from people who have used Provacyl.

The Positives

Among some of the noted positives of this product is the ease of use that comes with it. Also, you may note the following benefits:

– Decrease the signs of andropause and enjoy better sexual enhancement and increased energy to move on with life;

– You will also lessen your chances of diminished physical appearance as the product will make your hair condition and color better than usual. Together with this, you will enjoy strengthened nails as well.

– Its natural formulation also offers a whole string of other benefits including mental alertness among others.

– It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which I feel is the best guarantee one can have from an andropause formulation.

The Negatives

I have not experienced any negatives that come with the use of this product. Thanks to the ingredients packed by the manufacturer in it.


As mentioned awhile back, this product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which I consider the best in the market. Come to think of the time by which you are allowed to see the results before actually saying it is a good buy. The guarantee shows the effectiveness of Provacyl. There are even freebies that come with your purchase of the product. The cost of Provacyl is very cheap at around $32 per bottle.


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# 2 Andro Boostrating


Revitalize one’s sexual prowess with Andro Boost. That promise from the product makes it a good second ranker to Provacyl. As mentioned, there will come a time when testosterone levels will drop and andropause may take place and with this situation comes lessened sexual drive as well. The good thing is that Andro Boost may keep you going better in bed.

Among other benefits of this product is the fact that it also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. From this time frame, you will experience not only an increase in sex drive but also a corresponding decrease in fat formation among several fat stores in the body. This will also increase muscle size and tone while at the same time lessening mental acuity and possibilities of depression. Indeed, it deserves the 2nd spot among androapuse treatments. Just take two tablets daily and invest $30.95 per bottle.


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# 3 Amidren rating


Enhance male sexual performance with Amidren. While getting into andropause is not all about sexual encounters, you have to consider the fact that Amidren deserves attention to be included in the list of the best andropause treatments out there. As it helps you combat andropause, you can live at the prime of your life without too much hassle.

Using its very own formulation called the 5-Stage Hormone modulation method, you are on your way to living a fully-recharged life even if you have reached your 50s and are bothered by andropause. This product is being sold at $69.99 per bottle.


Andropause pills like the ones mentioned above prove that there is indeed a solution to this stage which may bother your life as you grow old. These are also proof that there is no reason to say you are tired with your everyday encounters. You do not have to live with andropause after all. You can deal with it using the many different means available in the market. Never give up on andropause! You have to get going even if you have reached your life’s peak.